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Commercial Painting in Los Angeles

Mateo’s Painting is your trusted commercial painting company in Los Angeles for all your commercial painting needs. We understand that the appearance of your commercial property plays a huge role in attracting customers, creating a professional atmosphere, and enhancing the overall experience for employees and visitors alike. We provide top-quality commercial painting services that transform your space into a vibrant and visually appealing environment.

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Who We Are

Mateo's Painting

Mateo’s Painting is a reputable and trusted painting company dedicated to transforming homes through quality interior and exterior painting. With years of experience in the commercial and home painting industry, we have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results and providing outstanding customer service. Our painters treat your home and property with respect and always act with the utmost professionalism. We arrive on time, maintain a clean and organized workspace, and stick to high work standards throughout the entire painting process.
When you choose Mateo’s Painting, you are choosing a team of skilled painting experts passionate about their craft. We continuously update our knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of the painting industry. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail sets us apart and ensures your project is completed to the highest standard.
Mateo's happy team standing beside their truck
We take great pride in the trust our clients place in us, which is reflected in the positive testimonials and referrals we receive. Our client’s satisfaction is a testament to the quality of our unwavering commitment to customer service.

Check Out Our Previous Projects

Check out the images of the previous commercial painting projects we worked on in Los Angeles. If you like what you see, we’d be thrilled to talk with you in more detail about your project. Don’t hesitate to reach out!
Customer Reviews

What People Are Saying About Us

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience working with us. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and exceptional service.
“more than a painter”
“Mateo’s is more than a painter, he truly cares about your experience, listens to you the client and walks you through his process. He has wonderful ideas and a great eye for color. I will definitely use Mateo again and recommend him to all my family and friends who need his services.”
– Debbie S.
“polite and did a great job”
“Mateo and his workers are polite, on time, reliable, and the did a great job. I hired them for two jobs: painting a commercial unit and adding slat walls to that unit. I was very happy with both jobs, and plan on hiring them again if I’m in need of any job.”
– Lisset V.
“passionate about his work”
“Mateo is a true artist. Whenever I have I project I only call him because I know with confidence the work will be outstanding, the price fair and the process seamless. He is at ease and knows how to transform something into your perfect desire. A true master who is passionate about his work.”
– Lisa C.
some office with a world map painted on the wall

Office Painting

Our team of commercial painters in Los Angeles can help you create a professional and inviting atmosphere in your office space. Our commercial painting services for offices are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint to refresh the interior or an exterior update to enhance your curb appeal, our skilled commercial painters will deliver exceptional results. We understand the importance of creating a productive work environment and can help you in choosing colors and finishes that reflect your brand identity and contribute to employee satisfaction.

Retail Store Painting

Make a lasting impression on your customers with a fresh and vibrant paint job for your retail store. At Mateo’s Painting, we understand the power of visual aesthetics in retail spaces. Our commercial painting company will work closely with you to understand your brand image and help you select colors that align with your vision. Whether you need to update the interior walls or give your storefront a facelift, our expert painters in Los Angeles will transform your retail store into an inviting and visually appealing space that attracts customers and promotes sales.
external facade of the restaurant, freshly painted walls and railings
Interior of a luxury master bed hotel bedroom

Hotel Painting

We can help you improve the appeal and ambiance of your hotel with commercial painting services. We specialize in providing top-quality painting solutions in Los Angeles for hotels of all sizes and styles. From refreshing guest rooms to revitalizing common areas and exterior facades, our team has the expertise to handle the unique challenges of hotel painting projects.
We pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure a seamless finish and use durable paints and coatings. Let us help you create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests with our professional hotel painting services.

Restaurant Painting

Create an inviting and memorable dining experience for your customers with Mateo’s Painting restaurant painting services. We understand that the ambiance and visual aesthetics of your restaurant play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers.
Our team has extensive experience working in restaurant environments and is familiar with the specific requirements, such as durability, ease of cleaning, and compliance with health and safety regulations.
Whether you need to refresh the dining area, update the bar space, or revitalize the exterior facade, our painters will deliver exceptional results that reflect the unique character and style of your restaurant.
newly painted exterior of a restaurant with empty parking lot

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Improve the appearance of your commercial property with Mateo’s Painting. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let our experienced team transform your space with our professional commercial painting services in Los Angeles. From offices and retail stores to hotels, restaurants, multi-family apartments, factories, warehouses, schools, and churches, we have the expertise and dedication to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Trust Mateo’s Painting to enhance the aesthetics and value of your commercial property.

Multi-Family Apartment Painting

Upgrade the appearance and value of your multi-family apartments with the professional painting services of Mateo’s Painting. We understand the importance of creating an attractive living environment that appeals to tenants and prospective residents.
Our team will work efficiently to minimize disruption and inconvenience to tenants while providing a fresh and modern look for your apartment complex. From painting individual units to common areas and exteriors, we take pride in delivering high-quality results that meet your specific requirements. Enhance the curb appeal and marketability of your property with our expert multi-family apartment painting services.
apartment buildings, window railings, front yard fence and stair handrails are freshly painted
an empty clean room with white painted walls, all ceiling lights are open
Whether you need to refresh the interior walls, paint machinery, or update the exterior of your industrial facility, we have the skills and resources to deliver exceptional results.

Factories and Warehouses

Improve the functionality and aesthetics of your factories and warehouses with the commercial painting expertise of Mateo’s Painting. We understand that industrial spaces require durable coatings that can withstand the demands of heavy use, high traffic, and exposure to various elements.
Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle challenging surfaces and provide long-lasting paint solutions that not only enhance the appearance of your facility but also contribute to a safe and efficient working environment.

School Painting

Schools need a delicate balance of aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Our team will collaborate with you to select colors and finishes that promote a positive atmosphere, stimulate learning, and comply with safety regulations.
Whether you need to refresh classrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, or other areas within your school, we will work efficiently and with minimal disruption to ensure a smooth painting process. Trust Mateo’s Painting to transform your school into an inspiring and engaging space for students, teachers, and staff.
A look down a well lit newly painted clean school hallway of lockers
newly painted siding of a country church with well maintained lawn, forest trees at the background

Church Painting

Enhance the beauty and serenity of your place of worship with our church painting services. Churches hold a special significance and need a thoughtful approach when it comes to painting. Our team will work closely with you to understand the unique architectural features and design elements of your church and help you choose colors and finishes that align with your style.
We take pride in delivering meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a peaceful and inspiring space for worshipers. Whether you need to refresh the interior walls, paint decorative elements, or update the exterior facade, our skilled painters will transform your church with reverence and care.

The Process of Working With Us

Initial Consultation: We begin our painting process with an initial consultation. Our team will meet with you to discuss your vision, preferences, and goals for the project. We take the time to understand your unique needs, style, and any specific requirements you may have. This allows us to create a tailored plan that aligns with your expectations.
Personalized Color Consultations: Choosing the right colors for your painting project can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer personalized color consultations to help you make informed decisions. We will guide you through various color options to help you choose the best colors for your style and ensure that the colors you choose complement your decor and achieve the desired look and feel.
Cafe restaurant interior with wooden furniture, lighting equipment, newly painted walls and decoration.
Detailed Preparation: Preparation is key to achieving flawless and long-lasting results. Our team pays meticulous attention to detail when preparing your surfaces for painting. We will clean, patch, and sand all areas to ensure a smooth and even painting surface. We take pride in our thorough preparation process, as it lays the foundation for a high-quality finish.
Precise Execution: With Mateo’s Painting, you can expect precision and skill in every brushstroke. Our painters are trained to deliver exceptional craftsmanship. We use professional-grade tools, techniques, and high-quality paints to ensure a beautiful and durable result. Throughout the painting process, we maintain a clean and organized workspace, minimizing disruption to your daily life.
Communication and Transparency: We believe in effective communication and transparency. Throughout the project, we keep you informed about the progress, answer any questions you may have, and address any concerns promptly. We value your input and encourage open dialogue, ensuring that you are involved and satisfied at every stage of the process.
Final Walkthrough: Once the painting is complete, we conduct a thorough final walkthrough with you. This gives us the opportunity to handle any last touch-ups or adjustments that may be required. Before we consider the project completed, we want to verify that you are completely happy with the end result.
office renovated, office cabinet and walls are painted with white

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Painting Project

With Mateo’s Painting, you can expect nothing less than excellence. We are a commercial painting company in Los Angeles committed to delivering superior results through our skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and use of high-quality materials. Our commercial painting team takes pride in creating beautiful, long-lasting finishes that exceed your expectations. We prioritize effective communication, ensuring that we understand your vision and provide tailored solutions that suit your unique needs.

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